Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fiesta 45 Weekend


A few weeks ago was my 45th birthday! I know! I can't believe it myself! I really don't feel it....I hope I don't look it?? I celebrated with a few friends with their families and my nephew from Denver and his family. The fiesta weekend was at our condo in Rocky Point, Mexico. I thought it appropriate to have  Fiesta 45 as my theme. Upon arriving, my friend Jen's hubby brought us the best pina colada's in a pineapple. Since our condo is obviously not large enough for 20 people~ we rented 2 additional condos for our guests. One being a huge penthouse.....can you guess what condo my family stayed in?? You better believe I stayed in the deluxe apartment in the sky!

 We arrived on Friday and hung out by the pool. We had a casual dinner on the bottom large deck patio of one of the condos we had rented. I had brought down with me taco, burrito, and traditional lasagnas and Caesar salad. My husband went to the fish market and fried TONS of fresh seafood and fries! The kiddos had smores for dessert and my cake pop diva friend Jen made delicious homemade marshmallow and marshmallow pops. Sorry no pics of all of this but my focus was really on just being with my family and having fun. I "style"/plan parties for a living ~this weekend was about relaxation and quality time with my family and friends. We put on some tunes and danced. So fun!
My view on Saturday morning while everyone else was asleep. I woke up early on Saturday and cooked breakfast for the entire crew. (20 people) Breakfast consisted of bacon, sausage, pancakes, fresh fruit, and orange juice. I brought down so much stuff that I filled up my car and had stuff in 2 other cars! LOL
Saturday was a beach day. We put up a 10 X 10 white tent canopy and chairs. We rode jet skis, banana boats and had tons of fun in the water. I had coolers full of food and drinks but we also had service from the pool grill . The best day ever! I had such a wonderful day!!
 My baby loves to wakeboard.
 Even in the pool?? Saturday evening I had some major problems with the gate guards not allowing any of my vendors onto the property. I was unable to put up all my printables from the talented Bird's party and all of the decorations I brought to decorate for the party due to me trying to sort out this problem. I spent over an hour in the offices of my resort trying to sort out all of the logistics....which by the way I had already did upon my arrival and had checked on it the day of event. The event planner of the resort had not sent an email to the evening crew or security and of course she could not be reached! My friend Michele came along with me to help me understand what was going on because everyone was speaking Spanish and I was getting a little frustrated not understanding what was going on. They finally got a hold of the event planner and she sent them the email they needed with the documentations I had provided her. Now I was really ready to party!
Once we got back up to the penthouse, my friends Michele, Jen and I quickly put out a little decor on the buffet and tables. It took us all of 5 minutes! I had to have something! :)

Yes, my cake is leaning....let's just say someone put it on their car seat instead of a flat surface.

The catered food was awesome! So yummy!

 We had an awesome bartender! He kept the margaritas coming! As soon as the mariachi band arrived my hubby and I started dancing! Great way to start a fiesta! There was plenty of food, drink and dancing! I was so lucky since I didn't know any of these vendors to get such great service! Even our DJ was amazing!!
Remember my muse for my centerpieces? Click HERE!
Sunday morning we had reservations at the resort's restaurant for brunch. I loved that the staff put up sweet!

 They also surprised me with a cake and told me that it was a Mexican tradition to take a little bite from the cake.
Then they pushed my face in it! Thanks Nancy for that one! Icing was very tasty though!

I just love this picture of my little family especially the expression on Madison's face. I'm so blessed. Thank you God for many blessings. Thanks for suffering through my gazillion photos and commentary!
What makes me most happy is that I am creating such wonderful memories with family, friends and fun for my daughter. If I pass anything on to her is hopefully my love for life and the blessings you receive from giving and loving.


  1. Looks like fun!!! Happy Birthday!


  2. What a BEAUTIFUL family! Congrats and yes, you're truly blessed!

  3. I love it! And those printables are pretty awesome! ;)

  4. WOW! I feel like I was at the party with you! Looks like a great time! Hugs and blessings, Cindy