Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Bathroom Makeover

 You all know I'm a lover of DIY party crafts! Did you know I also love DIY home projects?? Yes, I've shared a few over the last 3 years with you. However, normally I do a home projects and don't think to share. Well, I am in love with so many blogs not just party blogs but home decor and craft blogs! One of my favorite blogs is The Idea Room by Amy Huntley. I've met Amy a few times at blog conferences and she is as sweet and genuine as she seems on her blog! LOVE HER! Anyway, a while back she did a couple of DIY bathroom projects on her girl's bathroom. I said to myself....Missy (that's my family nickname...don't ask) can do that too! It only took me over a year to finally get started!! Here was Madison's bathroom before. I didn't start taking IPhone pics until I was already into the process but her bathroom was a jungle theme.
 Love that builder stock towel rack. NOT! Dark brown walls ~I had some cute pictures up and towels but didn't get a shot. However, I was so sick of the dark brown. It totally made the bathroom seem dark all the time. So the first thing I did was paint the bathroom a neutral beige.
 I can't stand my huge long mirrors in my bathrooms. However to replace would cost way more than I'm willing to spend. Amy framed out her mirror with baseboard. I totally copied her whole bathroom makeover. I went to Home Improvement store and bought baseboards and silicone. I followed the directions per Amy's blog and painted halfway down the back of baseboard. The mirror does reflect the other side of the baseboard and that would be totally ugly to have the unpainted surface showing! It's really not hard to cut 45 degree angles. You just need the proper tools. Let's just say the main thing I learned is to measure and remeasure before cutting anything!!
 I did this when my hubby was out of town and had no help holding up my moldings. So I used a shower curtain worked. 

 I also copied how to do DIY Faux Wainscotting from The Idea Room as well....thanks AMY!! Click on the link for step by step directions.

 My finished DIY framed mirror. I kept the paint neutral so I can add color with decor.
 I'm thinking of painting the frame black. Your thoughts?

Sorry for the quality of pics...I need to work on my home improvement shots! I still have to cover nail holes and caulk around edges. It's been like this for 2 weeks now. It's time for me to add some color and decor to this bathroom. I will keep you update you on my progress.


  1. DIY projects are always so much funner to do and decorate your home with, theres just something about crafting a piece of hard wood into something useful that makes my heart warm.

    -Solomon Berkovitch
    Shower Enclosures Brooklyn

  2. Creativity and imagination are what make major transformation successful! Nothing is wasted in your makeover project. What you did is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this one, Michelle!

    -Todd Kroll @ KrollWindow