Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nursing School Graduation Favors

I am back from the SNAP conference and I truly had an amazing time! I am still recuperating from lack of sleep! I will post more details this week. I met the most amazing people, learned so much from the classes and the event was put together flawlessly with the attention to detail just perfection! I am getting ready for 4 custom parties and thinking of adding a graduation party for Madison as well since we will be on vacation when her preschool graduates! BUMMER!
Here are the favors I am making for my BFFs Nursing school graduation. I got the hand sanitizer from Walmart for 88 cents and the shot pens from Oriental Trading. I peeled off the front label and used my handy dandy Cricut to make the germ juice labeling. I am having her party in a local park so the kids can hop on the rides and the moms can sit back and relax. I generally have parties at my house but think this is a nice change plus our girls love this park. I will be making packed picnic lunches and still planning on having a dessert table. So stay tuned for the details.