Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Seeing Orange!

I got carrots on my brain today....1. Because it's Easter and carrots go perfect with Easter, right??? You know Easter Bunny. 2. Because I'm researching food for Madison's My Little Pony party food....yes horses like carrots too, right???
Did you see these Sparkly Surprise Carrot Cupcakes from Carrie of Half Baked on HWTM? I don't normally repeat stuff that is all over the Internet but I couldn't help myself these are pure genius! Tutorial here.
EEEEKKKK! I love these Carrot Crescents filled with egg salad by Hungry Happenings!
Remember my Flower Pot cupcakes?
Check out these stuffed carrot garden cupcakes from Cupcakes Take The Cake.
Love these chocolate covered strawberry carrots from Sugar Bean Bakers.
Here is the carrot centerpiece for a Max & Ruby party I styled for Celebrations.
Remember Madison's Tea and Twirlies Easter party last year?? If not click here~ I made carrots in hummus. YUM! Got my muse from here.
Cute carrot wrapped utensils from Family Fun. Don't forget to enter the CelebraTORI book giveaway!!!!!


  1. So cute! I've been thinking about carrots too! Great minds think alike huh?

    1. Yep! What are you doing with your carrots?? HHMMM??