Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unique Invitations

I am in absolute LOVE with these "fishy" invitations from Stubbornly Crafty for her son's Fishy party!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I'm a girl who really gets giddy over unique and unexpected invitations!!! If your invite is boring then I start to think your party may also be boring! LOL

Monica's daughter loved her green IPOD so for her first dance party Monica (Le Petit Papier) designed this cute IPOD invite.

Love this Candyland invite in a spray painted Altoid mint tin can by Katherine Marie.
She used Candyland pieces and recycled old Candyland cards from games she had been collecting from garage sales. My kind of girl!

Cooking party invitation from Design Mom. I really want to have a cooking party for Madison one of these days. She really loves to cook and with this invite it would get all of the kiddos excited about coming!
I was looking through old posts and found tons of cool unique invitations. To see more just use keyword invitations on the blog search button.


  1. I just love a good invitation too ... but some themes make it so hard to come up with something fun. That fish bowl invitation is awesome!

  2. Hi! Thanks for posting my iPod invites on your blog! :)
    It always makes me happy to see my ideas shared with everyone. However, one correction! They were for my coworker's daughter not mine! I don't have any kids! lol... Thanks again for posting! LOVE your blog!!