Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

So what's so special about chili for a Superbowl party? Well, it's not savory chili it is a dessert! It's actually chocolate cake and icing with jelly beans and orange tinted coconut for the cheese. Pure Genius! Found these great desserts over at Party Pinching.
However my FAVORITE is the buffalo wings to include blue cheese dressing and celery?? Actually, it is rice krispies shaped like wings. The sauce is a brown sugar and tangerine glaze. The blue cheese dressing is marshmallow and the celery is green licorice.
I have seen these hot dogs around blogland. Circus peanuts for the buns with hot dog shaped caramels. Gum drops for relish and yellow icing for mustard.
These are my hamburgers....yes I made them!! Remember my Labor Day Burger Bash here?? Learn how I made them here.
Sugar cookies to look like Pepperoni pizza! I just love all of these traditional Super Bowl party food turned into desserts!