Tuesday, August 17, 2010

S'mores pops and Shamu

Here is a great alternative to marshmallow pops for your next party, a camping party or if you want s'mores but don't want the mess. This great recipe and printable recipe card comes from Lisa's Recipe Cards. She has great recipes with recipe cards that are easy to print.
As you know, I have family in town so I am spending quality time with them and trying to be a good hostess. So I've missed a couple of days this week blogging. Madison's cousin is also here (who is only 3 months apart in age) so you know she is having a ball. We are currently in San Diego and went to Sea World today.

I just love this picture of Madison and her cousin. They were just so cute today at Sea World.Here is me and my big girl Maddy. I could not get over Maddy hugging Elmo! Just 3 months ago on vacation at Beaches resort in Turks & Caicos Islands, we had to give away our breakfast with the Sesame Street characters because she would scream anytime they would come near! I was in total shock that she was no longer afraid and didn't even need mommy to stand with her. (a little sad too) Well, that means we can take a Disney cruise next year for vacation since she is no longer afraid of characters. Oh, please tell me where the time goes!! What happened to my little baby girl!? Going to the beach tomorrow.


  1. thanks for the link to that recipe blog!

  2. So jealous that you got to see Cookie Monster. We were there in January and my son cried so much with Zoey and Elmo. It gives me hope that he will enjoy them next time we go. I love reading your blog. Love all the ideas.

  3. great pictures!! I want to take my little ones to Sea World (here in Orlando)..they LOVE Sesame Street!!

  4. Love the recipe, so easy! They do grow up so fast and it is both happy and sad.