Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Party

Tonight was Madison's pumpkin carving party. She had over a few of her friends to carve and paint pumpkins. It was chilly here (it's 65 degrees here but when your used to 90's to 100's- it's freezing!) so we did the carving outside but ate inside. I decided to set up the kids table in the kitchen - that way we could turn the television towards them and they could eat and watch Charlie Brown's The Great Pumpkin. (my childhood Halloween favorite)

Here is the kids table. I have blogged about printables in the past. This is my first time actually using them- I LOVE THEM!!! I'm hooked!! These printables are from Paper and Cake. It was so easy- I picked out a design, paid (only $8) and they sent pdf file right away! Once you get file -all you do is download, print and create great stuff! I wanted the centerpiece to be totally edible. So here is my version of marshmallow pops and brownie pops! I'm no Bakerella but the kids loved them. By the way, if you don't know about Bakerella check her out- she is simply amazing! I just stuck the lollipops in Styrofoam and covered with Harvest mix candy corn. I got Franky (the bucket) on sale at Michael's for $2.49.
The printables came with so many files for things to do. The candy wrappers and circles on tables and the finger puppet (which I used to put the fork through) are some of the things I got from Paper and Cake. I got the favor bag from $ Tree (3 for $) filled with candy. The placemat is scrapbook paper that I got in a pack from Big Lots for $5. Big Lots has lots of scrapbook items at a discount.
Here are my cupcakes with printables which included the wrappers, circles and menu cards. Aren't they adorable! How about them mummy dogs!! If I would just learn Photoshop- I could edit out the TV!!
Close up of my cupcakes- yes I made them. (Remember I'm not much of a baker) I love the printables, cute huh??? It was so easy to customize and tie in all the decor this way!
A close up of my masterpiece.
A close up of my daughter's masterpiece.
I think hers is the best though!! smile
Happy Halloween!!


  1. Looks like a fun party. Love the mummy dogs!
    Best witches for a spooktacular Halloween! ~ Sarah

  2. It looks like such fun. It just isn't the same on Halloween when your kids grow up:(