Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Maddycakes Muse will no longer be posting on this blog. In a few weeks, this blog site will totally be taken down. Please come check us out at our new website

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mingle Magazine and Goodbye Blogger!

Have you heard of Mingle Magazine? It is simply beautiful!
So gorgeous and inspiring with so many different types of parties and events! I have been a lover of Stampington & Company magazines for years! I'm a true crafter at heart and Stampington & Company publishes the best arts and crafts publications from paper-crafting, mixed-media art to home decorating. While in Barnes & Nobles one day I saw that they had launched a publication for creative ideas for unique gatherings called Mingle...I screamed....literally! I immediately grabbed it! I read it while I was at the SNAP conference in Utah! How perfect was that reading this awesome crafty, handmade, and unique party magazine while I'm a speaker at an awesome DIY and craft blogging conference! I was so inspired!
Then I saw this cool Halloween party! I always decorate for Halloween in traditional orange, black and white. I will not change my colors because I have years of buying these colors (during after Halloween clearance of course) and because I love the classic colors of Halloween! I thought maybe I should submit a party?
I'm not one to submit my parties to other blogs. I figure that is why I have a blog so I can show my parties and work. However, this year I decided to submit my Princess and the Pea party (Madison's Easter party) to Hostess with the Mostess. If you missed my Princess and the Pea party look HERE! So I thought why not.....I would try to submit another party.... this time to be published in a National paper magazine! I dream big don't I??? I decided to submit Madison's Owl-O-Ween party. Well guess what???
You guess it.....I got an email during my week at the beach with Maddy that my party will be featured in the upcoming Autumn publication coming out in stores near you October 1st! I could not be more ecstatic! The most amazing part is that I was able to keep this a secret for so long! LOL

 I love Halloween...in fact I'm already decorating for it...crazy I know. I love summer but around this time of year I get so excited that we get to have autumn again! I need to get started on my holiday crafting, because in a flash, the holidays hit and I never feel quite prepared. 
Don't forget to pick up your copy of Mingle October 1st in all major book stores and craft stores. 
Also the all new Maddycakes Muse will be launching on Monday with my new website 
www.maddycakesmuse.com. Goodbye Blogger. This will be my last post using you. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fiesta 45 Weekend


A few weeks ago was my 45th birthday! I know! I can't believe it myself! I really don't feel it....I hope I don't look it?? I celebrated with a few friends with their families and my nephew from Denver and his family. The fiesta weekend was at our condo in Rocky Point, Mexico. I thought it appropriate to have  Fiesta 45 as my theme. Upon arriving, my friend Jen's hubby brought us the best pina colada's in a pineapple. Since our condo is obviously not large enough for 20 people~ we rented 2 additional condos for our guests. One being a huge penthouse.....can you guess what condo my family stayed in?? You better believe I stayed in the deluxe apartment in the sky!

 We arrived on Friday and hung out by the pool. We had a casual dinner on the bottom large deck patio of one of the condos we had rented. I had brought down with me taco, burrito, and traditional lasagnas and Caesar salad. My husband went to the fish market and fried TONS of fresh seafood and fries! The kiddos had smores for dessert and my cake pop diva friend Jen made delicious homemade marshmallow and marshmallow pops. Sorry no pics of all of this but my focus was really on just being with my family and having fun. I "style"/plan parties for a living ~this weekend was about relaxation and quality time with my family and friends. We put on some tunes and danced. So fun!
My view on Saturday morning while everyone else was asleep. I woke up early on Saturday and cooked breakfast for the entire crew. (20 people) Breakfast consisted of bacon, sausage, pancakes, fresh fruit, and orange juice. I brought down so much stuff that I filled up my car and had stuff in 2 other cars! LOL
Saturday was a beach day. We put up a 10 X 10 white tent canopy and chairs. We rode jet skis, banana boats and had tons of fun in the water. I had coolers full of food and drinks but we also had service from the pool grill . The best day ever! I had such a wonderful day!!
 My baby loves to wakeboard.
 Even in the pool?? Saturday evening I had some major problems with the gate guards not allowing any of my vendors onto the property. I was unable to put up all my printables from the talented Bird's party and all of the decorations I brought to decorate for the party due to me trying to sort out this problem. I spent over an hour in the offices of my resort trying to sort out all of the logistics....which by the way I had already did upon my arrival and had checked on it the day of event. The event planner of the resort had not sent an email to the evening crew or security and of course she could not be reached! My friend Michele came along with me to help me understand what was going on because everyone was speaking Spanish and I was getting a little frustrated not understanding what was going on. They finally got a hold of the event planner and she sent them the email they needed with the documentations I had provided her. Now I was really ready to party!
Once we got back up to the penthouse, my friends Michele, Jen and I quickly put out a little decor on the buffet and tables. It took us all of 5 minutes! I had to have something! :)

Yes, my cake is leaning....let's just say someone put it on their car seat instead of a flat surface.

The catered food was awesome! So yummy!

 We had an awesome bartender! He kept the margaritas coming! As soon as the mariachi band arrived my hubby and I started dancing! Great way to start a fiesta! There was plenty of food, drink and dancing! I was so lucky since I didn't know any of these vendors to get such great service! Even our DJ was amazing!!
Remember my muse for my centerpieces? Click HERE!
Sunday morning we had reservations at the resort's restaurant for brunch. I loved that the staff put up balloons...so sweet!

 They also surprised me with a cake and told me that it was a Mexican tradition to take a little bite from the cake.
Then they pushed my face in it! Thanks Nancy for that one! Icing was very tasty though!

I just love this picture of my little family especially the expression on Madison's face. I'm so blessed. Thank you God for many blessings. Thanks for suffering through my gazillion photos and commentary!
What makes me most happy is that I am creating such wonderful memories with family, friends and fun for my daughter. If I pass anything on to her is hopefully my love for life and the blessings you receive from giving and loving.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Launching New Maddycakes Muse Site

As you may know I am launching my new blog website. I am very excited but this is taking way longer than expected. Please bear with me during this transition time! I am excited to be working with some amazing party girls who will be contributing articles monthly. The new Maddycakes Muse will have weekly themes full with DIY party crafts, themed food, and complete parties to give you plenty of muses for your celebrations. I can't wait to get started....just have to figure out how to use the new format! Keep updated with progress, parties, and other cool stuff I love on Maddycakes Muse Facebook. Like me HERE!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Bathroom Makeover

 You all know I'm a lover of DIY party crafts! Did you know I also love DIY home projects?? Yes, I've shared a few over the last 3 years with you. However, normally I do a home projects and don't think to share. Well, I am in love with so many blogs not just party blogs but home decor and craft blogs! One of my favorite blogs is The Idea Room by Amy Huntley. I've met Amy a few times at blog conferences and she is as sweet and genuine as she seems on her blog! LOVE HER! Anyway, a while back she did a couple of DIY bathroom projects on her girl's bathroom. I said to myself....Missy (that's my family nickname...don't ask)....you can do that too! It only took me over a year to finally get started!! Here was Madison's bathroom before. I didn't start taking IPhone pics until I was already into the process but her bathroom was a jungle theme.
 Love that builder stock towel rack. NOT! Dark brown walls ~I had some cute pictures up and towels but didn't get a shot. However, I was so sick of the dark brown. It totally made the bathroom seem dark all the time. So the first thing I did was paint the bathroom a neutral beige.
 I can't stand my huge long mirrors in my bathrooms. However to replace would cost way more than I'm willing to spend. Amy framed out her mirror with baseboard. I totally copied her whole bathroom makeover. I went to Home Improvement store and bought baseboards and silicone. I followed the directions per Amy's blog and painted halfway down the back of baseboard. The mirror does reflect the other side of the baseboard and that would be totally ugly to have the unpainted surface showing! It's really not hard to cut 45 degree angles. You just need the proper tools. Let's just say the main thing I learned is to measure and remeasure before cutting anything!!
 I did this when my hubby was out of town and had no help holding up my moldings. So I used a shower curtain rod...it worked. 

 I also copied how to do DIY Faux Wainscotting from The Idea Room as well....thanks AMY!! Click on the link for step by step directions.

 My finished DIY framed mirror. I kept the paint neutral so I can add color with decor.
 I'm thinking of painting the frame black. Your thoughts?

Sorry for the quality of pics...I need to work on my home improvement shots! I still have to cover nail holes and caulk around edges. It's been like this for 2 weeks now. It's time for me to add some color and decor to this bathroom. I will keep you update you on my progress.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Current Party Trends~Vintage and Modern

Vintage AND Modern– a combination of vintage beauty and a modern flare is a huge trend this year. As seen on Bella Swan to Kate Middleton wearing long sleeves and lace has influenced this trend. I'm seeing elegant lace overlays on tables and chairs.
Lace wrapped around flower vases and mimicked in lace patterned fondant on cakes.
The super romantic use of delicate lace paired with a contemporary accent is how to achieve this trend.
I really love this look. I really haven't used this style in any of my events so I think it's time I do!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Current Party Trends~Hollywood Glamour

Today's Current Party Trend is Hollywood Glamour
Inspired by movies like My Week with Marilyn and The Artist, there is a huge resurgence of Hollywood glamour inspired receptions and parties. Hollywood inspired receptions feature long dramatic tables for dinner as well as luxurious lounges for after dinner cocktails. Many times there is a combination of the round tables with long tables. 
 Long tables are everywhere in parties and events right now.

These extra wide tables are easily created by putting two 8 foot tables parallel to each other. I love using this method. It gives your guests lots of space and it looks really dramatic.
Even a party out by the pool can be jazzed up with a long table and some beautiful linen and chairs.

Smaller bite sized food doesn't seem to be going anywhere! I love miniature food because this way your guests get to sample multiple items and not feel so stuffed! Food presentations are becoming increasingly so much more creative than just plating food on a platter!
If you are trying to achieve these awesome creations and beautiful miniature food displays MY FAVORITE book is by Peter Callahan called Bite by Bite. This book is full of gorgeous, delicious party bites and beautiful ways to display your miniature creations by down-sizing your buffets.

Black and White cake done by Clara's Designer Cakes
Cakes for Hollywood glamour are all about the bling baby and sugar flowers. I'm not a huge sugar flower cake fan just because I can't imagine eating all of those sugar flowers. I would hate to waste those beautiful flowers however they really are gorgeous and take so much skill! I really love the look of the bling cake so sleek and elegant.
I'm getting so excited for the new launch of Maddycakes Muse in the next couple of weeks! I've always shared with you my own party world...meaning my home parties but I will start to share more of my "event' party world. I will share with you event planner secrets and how to use them in your events and home parties.